Thursday, August 11, 2011

Eggs to order!

It's day four of runny noses, sore throats and coughs in my house this week. Just when you think that Spring is upon us, the beautiful clear blue skies have disappeared, drizzling clouds hover overhead and we all get hit with a viral infection.

I don't take great joy in telling you that when my husband surprised me by coming home for lunch today he didn't walk into a beautiful sparkling clean house & children... Oh no, there were blankets on the lounge room floor, breakfast dishes still on the bench... and wait for it... I was still in my dressing gown, actually no, I was still in HIS dressing gown! Far more cuddly and comforting on a rainy Sydney day. 

So it's lunchtime... hungry mouths to feed. Bacon & eggs on toast it is. My youngest son (four years old) has already put in his order of honey on toast instead. He'd have honey on toast three meals a day if I'd let him!
So, the bacon is in the pan sizzling away nicely (if only I could smell it through all the congestion!). Time to make the eggs... and this is where the story really begins. I asked my two eldest sons what kind of eggs they would like. Scrambled or fried? Seems simple right? Well that is until they both say the opposite preference than each another. Now, you might be one of those amazing mothers that cook up a storm at every meal, and each child has his or her tastebuds dancing at breakfast, lunch & dinner... but in all honestly... that's just not me. So, back to the story. At this point this is where I would normally say "you need to choose one option between yourselves". Mean, aren't I! I'm tired, sick and just want to get lunchtime over with to be honest. This is where I felt the Holy Spirit nudge me to make two separate batches of 'eggs to order'.

The truth is, we don't always have to bend over backwards to give our children everything that they want or ask for. But it is important that we simply be nice. Show them the same courtesy that we would show our guests. Value them and their individuality. Whether it's through something as simple as it was for me today to make them their eggs to order. Or maybe it's really listening & engaging when they are showing you their latest Lego creation or dance routine. Jesus said "The King will reply, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me".

Many blessings
xx Deni